Brave rewards missing november rewards

I have my laptop and my phone (android) linked to my verified Uphold account and normally each month I get 2 payments from Brave Rewards each month. This month I only got 1 deposit and my android wallet says “Rewards Summary. Missing: MONTHNOV 2021, No activities yet…” I have attached a screenshot of this message from my phone and a screenshot of my uphold deposit history showing a single deposit for this month and the normally expected 2 deposits from last month

What can I do about this missing BAT and will this problem persist? I was receiving ads on my phone all of October but they have stopped showing up in November.

@steeven please help me


Hi @bhargavs, let me know if you don’t receive the expected payout by December 8th.

envie el formulario para desvincular billetera el 24 de noviembre y aun no he tenido respuesta

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