Brave rewards mild issue


I see for example, this thing

Although I have auto contribute disabled.

I think something that looks like this image

But then says something like “You can still individually donate some BAT to the creator of your choice with the donate now! button.” Would be a lot better than what it currently looks like. It is somewhat confusing to me.

Hey again @nematod, thanks for the feedback!
I’m going to try and grab someone from BAT team for additional input.
cc @chriscat

Thanks for the feedback. Leading up to v1.0, you will see a lot of improvements to the Brave Rewards UI and UX, which right now is still in BETA and partially incomplete. I hope something like your suggestion can be included in these improvements.

I think something as simple as graying out that line and putting a hover tooltip on it with more information could achieve the same effect you’re suggesting. Graying it out, I think, intuitively signals that auto-contribute has been disabled. That said, we’ll see what the UX and design team thinks!

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Thank you chris and @Mattches !

Please respond with what the team thinks about my idea, I’m definitely curious to see how this will be attended to.

I just had another thought! Will we get to see our Brave rewards on our phones as well? Will there be a 30-digit code of some sort to link Brave rewards accounts? That’s besides the point though

Thanks again

Yes sir! It’s very close to landing!

Will there be a 30-digit code of some sort to link Brave rewards accounts?

Yes sir! Brave Sync will link wallets as well.

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Very cool! Thanks and have a good day.