Brave Rewards March 2023

In March I only got 0.250 BAT.
But I need to get:
for PC Desktop 3,837 BAT
for Surface Laptop 0.500 BAT
so a total of 4,337 BAT for March

PC Desktop

Congratulations message

Maybe wait until payments are done before raising a ticket, sometimes payouts are in several separate transactions.

Everything is already over for me. In the last few months I have always received too little.
Screenshot “Congratulations! Your March rewards have arrived!” (Glückwunsch! Ihre Belohnungen für März sind angekommen!)

This is a generic message that will always appear around the 8th every month. It doesn’t mean yours specifically arrived.

If you meant for this recent payment, that happened to a lot of us. However system sent out second. For example, I received my full payout afterwards just today. If you check status, which they always show at Ads Payout Status Update you’ll see payments are still processing for Uphold.

Okay, if you literally mean to have the comma there, then I’m sorry but you’re not correct. I know some countries use comma instead of period between, where 4,337 would be 4.337, but since you used periods on other areas of yours, it seems like you’re sincerely claiming you have over four thousand BAT owed to you. That’s unrealistic and just not possible.

In any case, if you’re saying it’s all for this month, you need to wait until payouts are complete.

If you’re saying any issue from prior month OR if you still haven’t received full amount once it does say it’s finished, then you will need to submit a Rewards Support Ticket at

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