Brave Rewards MacOS issues

I’m having increasing issues with Brave Rewards on my mac. for the past few months, ive been receiving very very few ads, like 6 per month. (despite having it set to 10 per hour max).

Now, the Brave Rewards icon in the search bar has stopped working. When I press it, it opens a small box, and endlessly shows a rotating loading icon.

So the only way to get to rewards settings, is through brave settings → rewards settings. I thought maybe turning my ads of and on again would kick start them going again, but as soon as i turned them off, the the clicker stopped working, and now i cant turn ads back on!

It seems like everything is crumbling with Brave on my mac, while on my phone, with android, it is working perfectly,

Release Notes V1.33.106 (Dec 14, 2021)

on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6

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