Brave Rewards -Lower than earned

Usually I dont have any issues with my rewards-knock on wood–but for some reason my payout this month was less than my rewards summary showed?

I had about 4.082 to 4.122 and for a min it showed a payment of +5.621 coming, then it switched to +3.6965

anyone else see less BAT coming then they earned in Nov?

Are you off by a lot? The Rewards are “estimates”, so it can fluctuate. What I’ve found is that the closer to the end of the month and into the new month, there seems to be some variation with the prior month (Nov) vs the amount showing in “payout” (for Nov) vs new estimate (Dec)…using today as the example. That said, I don’t watch as closely as I used to cause it’s all “free” rewards and I like the Brave browser, nonetheless.

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