Brave rewards lost?

hello, my brave rewards was used with uphold with my email until i could use it in my country, after that i disconected uphold account and didnt use gemini or something else because same reason. after that i had some problems with my notebook and now i have clear browser. may i get access to my brave rewards which i used before? coz there should be some BAT which was didnt withdraw or its lost forever?

If I understand correctly, you’re saying that you were not verified with Uphold or Gemini because it disconnected and your region was not available. Is that right?

If I was right in the above, that you were Unverified, then all your BAT you were earning is stored in your browser. It is not saved on the internet or anything. So if you cleared your device and did not do a backup, then you would have lost the BAT stored on it.

As to if it’s lost forever, it all depends on your device and your luck. You might be able to use something like Recuva to see if you can recover all of your Brave folders to put on your device, but I say it depends on your luck as it may not work.

As to any BAT you had in Uphold, you should still be able to access that on Uphold’s website.

thank you for your answer. can you explain how to make backup? as i can see i can only connect to uphold and gemini, but there no any other way like to save secret phrase or something like that. thank you

No such thing for Rewards. They don’t have an official Backup & Restore like that anymore.

You copy the folder to an external drive.

In the meantime, users facing a situation in which they have no custodial option and need to back up their current vBAT can manually copy-paste/back up their /brave-browser folder (at least on desktop), which will contain their vBAT at the time of manual backup. They can find a path to it in brave://version .

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