Brave rewards lost, missing, glitch. Newbie to Brave

I had brave rewards for November and they were suppose to be paid out today. When I go to look for the payout or where it said pending. The rewards are now gone. Is this a common issue? Will I still receive my rewards? I am new to brave any tips could definitely help. Thank you.

It is a common thing that happens. That counter is an estimate and not guaranteed. Usually that estimated rewards in ‘X’ days means that is when payouts will finally start processing and not sent. Notice the banner at the top of this site and when the payments pending / claim pending goes to green and says complete or processed, that is when payouts are done. There is no need to worry and usually this whole process takes a week or so after. So expect your payment to arrive sometime between now to the 14th of Dec. If the banner at the top changes to complete and you still have not received rewards, then you would reach out to an admin to check your wallet. Hope this helps some.

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Thank you i did receive my bat. Does anybody have any input of some reads to better understand cryptocurrency or mining?

ask any question here?

Thats definitely true. I’ve been watching videos all morning. The crypto world is honestly crazy. Thank you

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