Brave Rewards Limit Uphold (4 device limited)


Because my pc had many issues i had to reinstall Windows multiple times on my pc. I was not aware of any Uphold limits, so i expected to install Brave and have my Uphold account linked to it again.

Sadly now it shows it reached its 4 device limit. I have no issues with any limit, but then i would like to be able to remove access from older devices. If i cant do it myself can you please do it for me? It does not matter if i lose my BAT for this month.

Otherwise i dont see any benefits anymore in using Brave Browser

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Reach out to an admin like @steeven or @Mattches as they have a tool that can delete an older device.

@steeven hi admin, i also met the same issue (4 device limit), and posted inquery in april, any way to reset the max device limit now? thx.

same here, just installed windows again and I can’t verify wallet
help @steeven @Mattches

Thanks for letting me know. Can @steeven or @Mattches please help me with this issue?

I have the same problem.

@steeven @mattches i am also facing this issue. I have already DMed you all details.