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Hi, I have a problem with the Brave Reward Legacy.
I handle 3 devices and all use Brave
An Android
An iphone
and the pc

However, in Brave de Iphone even though the ads appear and I can see them, I cannot see how many BATs I have accumulated, and I cannot transfer them either because the option to verify my wallet does not appear and neither does the Brave Legacy option.
Is there a way to transfer the BAT that I have accumulated in my iPhone account to the Android or PC account?

Hola, tengo un problema con el Brave Reward Legacy.
Manejo 3 dispositivos y en todos uso Brave
Un Android
Un Iphone
y la PC

Sin embargo en Brave de Iphone a pesar de que me aparecen los anuncios y puedo verlos, no puedo ver cuantos BAT tengo acumulados, y tampoco puedo transferirlos porque no me aparece la opcion de verificar mi wallet y tampoco la de Brave Legacy
Hay alguna forma de transferir los BAT que tengo acumulados en mi cuenta del Iphone para la de Android o de PC?

Unfortunately, due to Apple policy, Brave Rewards are no longer available for iOS devices. The deadline for requesting transfer of rewards from an iOS device to a different device was 21 May 2021.

If you have transferrable BAT on your iOS device, please see the following thread:

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