Brave rewards keep on fluctuating


can you please explain to me why my brave rewards keeps on losing. it happened to me multiple times this week. i almost reach $2 or 6 bat (i haven’t captured the screenshot) that’s why when i noticed it keeps on going down, i make a screenshot once i open my pc and after i logout on my pc. its 3-4days already but 5.7 bat is not increasing when i consistently using brave browser for 10hrs a day.

i also attached a screenshot of what i’m saying and please see the date and time at the bottom of each photos.

does anyone here also experience the same problem as mine?

It’s normal BAT in USD everyday will fluctuate according to market. As long as your BAT received didn’t reduce than is normal.

Can check from here everyday will fluctuate

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ok thank you i’ll take note on that. but i will still monitor my bat on the next few days. again thank you!