Brave Rewards Information

Uk based…Why don’t i see this feature?

Is that brave beta, dev or nightly

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Normal - Non Dev/Beta? is this the reason why?

What is the best option for web hosting platform to start a blog and get registered as Brave publisher? Wordpress needs Business plan and it is beyond my budget. Any advice please

Ukay - Might have been best to start a new thread…

If your UK based - Sign upto Tsohost - Use Code STUDENT10 for 10% discount.

I have a website with them and installed the brave plugin, authorised and registered without any issues…

Hi , Thanks for the info, I reside in UAE, working here.

I will check out the hosting side that you recommended. Another condition is that it must be https. Do you know how to do it?

Thanks again

@vekariya17 Brave Ads is still in testing phase and only available with Beta or Dev build.
Will hit the stable release soon.


Thanks, worked it out in the end :slight_smile:

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