Brave Rewards in Android Emulators?

Are Brave Rewards not available in Android Emulators like Bluestacks?
I recently installed Brave on my blue stacks and didn’t see any triangle which represents brave rewards. Also, there were no ads on the homepage/startup page

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That basically means that you are farming BATs, which isn’t allowed hence they don’t show up on Emulators.

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I never knew that using Brave in Bluestack is actually farming BATs.

It kinda is, since you already have Brave Browser specifically for PCs, and someone would rather use that for Browsing then to use an emulator.

[And the people who do use it are usually doing it to gain BAT Tokens]

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What @ItzMeRajat says here is accurate – you will not see or earn Rewards from Android emulators/virtual machines.