Brave rewards gone. Gemini account auto disconnected. Gemini account now not accept in Portugal. That's timming!

So I use brave in 2 devices, one of them with 2 accounts. I had about 2 to 3 BAT in each pending. All of them are gone and disconnected from Gemini account by them selfs.

I created a ticket but cant find it anywhere, I send a message were to someone in the community and the message was gone, I reach out via twitter got no response.

So I use brave in 1 windows and 1 mac pc. Today I opened brave and brave rewards were gone and gemini account logged off. I reconnected the gemini account and the rewards still doesn’t show up.

I created a new profile just to test it, and it says that gemini account its not supported in my region at the moment, so I guess it had something to do with that. Either way, it recconect to my previous account and would like it to see my rewards back. This is being really frustrated, even with “verified” accounts brave rewards keep disappearing…

Rewards payments haven’t started yet, you’ll receive after 8th of this month. Also, only the US is supported to link Gemini accounts to new rewards profile (Thats the reason for egtting region unsupported in new profile).
Most likely you will get rewards in Gemini if you were still connected on / after the 1st of this month. The connection times out every 90 - 120 days for security reasons after which you need to re connect to Uphold / Gemini.

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Thank you for the response. Problem is I cant see how many I had, prove that I had them, and see if they are still on hold. How many days it usually takes? i cant recall

It starts proccessing on the 8th, it takes around a week or 2 to get them to every user.

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Thank you! Going to wait then, I guess

Now it shows up that the rewards are on their way, thanks

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