Brave Rewards Going Down?


I started using Brave Rewards *3 days ago.

Yesterday, I had roughly 0.51 USD on the estimated earnings for this month tab and now this morning it says I have 0.47 USD.

Also, I just added my Uphold Account so that I could verify my wallet and now on the Brave Rewards tab - brave://rewards, it says I only have 0.256 BAT - 0.11 USD

Why is this?

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The type of change. BAT is a market asset (a cryptocurrency). It´s price goes up and down every day. Just remeber if your going to use it as FIAT sell it when price goes up and hold when price goes down.

But, surely whatever I’ve made during the day stays within my own Brave Browser?

How will I be able to reach 25BAT in order to transfer my funds to my Uphold account.

Ignore the USD value of you BAT until it gets to uphold. Just concentrate and collect 25BAT. How to earn them? with patience, no more. The good thing is that, once you unlock 25BAT and sync with uphold by the first time you don´t need to re-collect 25 BAT in a new device, if your uphold wallet was already linked in the past you can immediatetly sync it.

As for:

The track of your earnings usually is made in your browser, yes. In any case save the info that is displayed in here:


That info usually is solicited by admins if something goes wrong with your payments or BAT. Don´t share that info in public, only in private message to admins.

Hi @ambrocioisaias2808,

Apologies for the late reply.

I appreciate the details that you commented in your previous response.

Regarding tracking my earnings via brave://rewards-internals/ , should I be concerned that my ‘Logs’ are empty? Surely, they should be keeping track of my account?

It´s normal, the hability to see your logs was disabled in past updates. I think you can still see them if you download the file from there.

You could also decide to use Brave for the privacy, not only for BAT.
I suggest to take gains BAT much easy because IMHO, earning few cent is much less important than having my data secure and private :wink:

Have a great day !

I agree, but most people that are complaining on this forum used to make good money through the referral program and profitable ads. Now that the referral program is over and ads often pay 0.01, they go berserk.

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Yes and I cant be more agree cause you just confirm my previous message: don’t use Brave only (or mostly) for money but for privacy.
If you use Brave for the good reasons, you don’t complain about 0.01…

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