Brave rewards from two pc's to the same gemini account?

i just added a second pc and linked it to gemini. my first has been linked since inception. I used the restore function on the new/second pc to make the wallet identical to the wallet on my main pc.

I checked the account # and they are in fact identical/the same.

Is this the proper way to do this in order to have BAT from ads on either pc go into my gemini?

Sorry, i know something along these lines has been asked in various forms as ive did some searching before posting. unfortunately most inquiries didnt answer in a satisfactory manner or were posted in the past prior to gemini being added and before the new brave wallet.

So I believe that at this time, restoring a wallet in this way will only carry over estimated earnings – not the BAT/ads viewed from the original wallet. That said, all you need to do to have BAT from both PCs go to Gemini is verify each wallet on both PCs with the same Gemini account.

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ok, thanks for the info. seems im all set then as noted I did link both pc’s to gemini.

I just wanted to make sure one wasnt potentially cancelling out the other or something. and to what end having the same account/wallet affected things, good or bad.

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