Brave rewards for May, not arrived to my verified Uphold wallet (even though browsers says it did!)

My six installed browsers says “¡Enhorabuena! ¡Ya están aquí tus recompensas de mayo!”, but nothing have arrived yet…
Is this normal?, do i have to wait more days?
I have read that some other people experience the same issue, yesterday and today
What can i do?


I am also having the same problem, I did not receive my May rewards in the verified uphold


Yo también me encuentro en la misma situación si nos pueden orientar por favor que es lo que esta pasando??

I haven’t received my May rewards also, thanks for you help in this matter.

I sent tickets in and waiting but didn’t get my rewards either. ticket# 199651 for one device and #199659 for the second. I was supposed to get about 15 brave total for both devices. I trusted i would get it so did not take screenshots before the message vanished. Any help would be appreciated.

Anyone who did not receive the payout should raise a ticket at

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Ticket submitted. Case number ticket 199933.
Hoping for a solution…

I didn’t get mine either


Same problem. My ticket number is 199971

Same issue - ticket number 200067

Edit: 7/10/23 June BAT has been sent and Brave support has created a new ticket #206439 for the original May issue.

For everyone posting, keep in mind it’s the weekend and Support often isn’t active. They will return around Monday and then will try to work through all the tickets that came in. There usually are a lot of tickets submitted during this time of month, so what normally might take 2-3 days may be 5-7+ business days.

Main thing is try to be patient and keep an eye out on your emails, especially to make sure it doesn’t fall into your spam/junk folders.

That said, I’ll tag @steeven @Mattches and @SaltyBanana over here since we have multiple people and ticket numbers shared in comments above.

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ok ty for your help. people appreciate it:)

Igual aquí, hay ya varios casos con este problema. Mi ticket lo abrí el viernes en la mañana pero como es fds imagino han de responder el lunes

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That is correct. Team will get back to you around 3 to 5 business days (Monday to Friday) so since its a weekend in the US, they are on holiday.

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Same problem here - first time they have not arrived after 12 months of smoothness. I created a support ticket - id: 200333. :pray:

Same. This appears to be everyone.

Both my Windows and Mac haven’t received the rewards.



Same here, although brave says it arrived…my girlfriend got hers days ago.

Well, this is more of a support site, so you won’t see people saying they received payouts and all, cause that is how it’s intended to work.

Mostly it’s gonna be people who have an issue post here

Hello - We’re taking a look at the tickets mentioned.

Thanks for your patience everyone!


Same here, first time it happens. Ticket nr 200510.

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