Brave Rewards for a Noob Dummy

Hello Brave Friends,

I hope this find you well, healthy, and most importantly … HAPPY!!!

So recently, I’ve actually found a couple of Brave people I can give money to, or whatever you call 'em. Sure I could use some dough to get my clothing and Art site running finally, but that’ll get done sooner or later, or pay some of the Dr. and chemo bills, but that’s just a drag, and I still believe the most valuable thing you can give an artist is encouragement … and maybe some BAT :joy: I’ll get my stuff running eventually, but this guy can use something I think to keep going who’s already up and running because he’s very discouraged about YouTube screwing him over a bit, well a lot, which I verified, and not only will it help him, hopefully it will screw them too. Anyways, I want to start watching some advertisements, that can hopefully Brave get more dough AND him, and I still can’t get it into my skull how that works. I will go to wherever and do whatever specifically just to watch ads, earn some dough to give away, and help Brave out the most, so can someone please take your time to tell a big dummy how the heck to do that, because even after reading all the stuff, it still doesn’t compute.

Also, I noticed something about my wallet not being connected and I tried doing the verified link thingy again and keep getting errors, so I’m not sure if that’s why I don’t see ads or get prompted to watch ads or however it works. I included a couple screenshots if that helps any. Once i get through one or two ads I’ll have it figured out pretty good I’m and won’t have to bug y’all again, but any help getting to wherever or doing whatever to get those first couple under my belt would be sincerely very much appreciated!!

Also, I added to the post about YouTube ads, but in case ya don’t see it, let me know what I can do to help. I added some info about the ones sneaking through, but I’ll do whatever ya need to help out. I have the time and I’m more than willing to pitch in. Have an awesome day!!!

Much love,


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