Brave rewards flagged, unbelivable

The whole rewards/uphold login system has been nonfunctioning for at least the past month. I finally get a message other than ‘Even the best sites need maintenance…’ while attempting to log in on my phone this morning and now I’m greeted with a message telling me my account has been flagged and to just wait…

My account is accessed from both my primary desktop computer, and a smartphone. Also utilze Surfshark as a VPN provider on the desktop. Not sure if that was enough to trigger the walmart grade AI, and if it is then you seem to have a pretty serious problem brave.

If this is what is expected of an automated system you guys run, why would I trust your ‘wallet’ features with my crypto?

Edit: Just pulled up the payment history on uphold. Have had 0 issues since i initially signed up around Apr 2021 with first payment arriving Apr 22, 2021. It looks like the issue has been ongoing for longer than 1 month as the last payment went through May 2, 2023.


Hello! Would you mind submitting your issue here?

Thank you!

I have the same problem. I opened a ticket and they said it would be fixed by next month’s payout. I test every week and it hasn’t been resolved. I started using MS Edge in the interim until this is fixed.


@Evan123 As my community account has not been removed, would I be permitted to submit a ticket still to resolve the missing bat issue, asking respectfully on, with only peace and respect meant.

Warm Regards.

hmmph. you would not believe what I had to do just to get my SSN registered.
I’ve had problems with Brave and the Basics for 2 years, and today I distinguishably obtained the correct token form, for the SSN to be sited in the identity databases, without hacking or causing cyber threats. I was flagged across almost all platforms a year and a half ago, for reasons I tend not to entertain any longer. I might be able to give some advice. here.

Foremost: do not try to hack, at all. you will be severly penelized.
and: when you do wish to fix a hacked acount, do so with notice.

Same problem here.

When I first started to use Brave and the BAT sistem reward, I tried to verify my account by creating an Uphold account.

But as my rewards were set in Spain (where I am living), Uphold wouldn’t accept my French ID to their KYC system.

So I had to restart the process and lose my Bat rewards by setting the reward in France.

After that I could finally open the account in Uphold after completing the KYC process.

Worked fine for a couple of months until Brave flagged me, I guess for having a spanish IP.

This is like a vicious circle. I can only have an Uphold account if the rewards come from France, but if I get rewards from France, while living in Spain, I am getting flagged by Brave.

I find it totally absurd, especially in 2023 when people are moving around, and some are digital nomads.

Are you really telling me that the system only works for users that live in their own country???

The whole crypto philosophy is precisely to avoid these barriers based on geolocalisation.

And as a matter of fact, as I am an EU citizen, my rights in Spain are exactly the same as in France. So Brave is being more restrictive than States, witch is crazy.

So really, you should reconsider your absurd rules.

I really hope I will be unflagged soon.


Me too, I hope I get unflagged also, you make some good points, I think the brave rewards system should recognize the EU as one country, to avoid this issue. As you say for people who move around, it can become an issue. Have a good weekend, gracias and merci :sunglasses:

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Also flagged for no reason today (on Laptop and Desktop) in USA with Gemini and no VPNs or traveling. This was after not getting rewards for 2 months and support saying they would fix it.

Probably done with Brave at this point, it’s been having issues with hardware acceleration since the last NVIDIA driver anyway while Chrome and Edge work fine. I don’t even care about the money just tired of things breaking out of nowhere.


no vpn interesting, so I wonder what the reasons for flagging could be, I had used a vpn on my phone sometimes, but your post is interesting. I won’t speculate, do not mean to offend the brave mods or upset anyone.

Warm Regards On.

I too was flagged for literally no reason one one browser and didn’t receive any payouts for June on the other…


this is a scam do not use the link


Definitely seems like a scam do not engage

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Was this the post above that got deleted?

yes. they had posted a link as a phishing attempt

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Cheers, just seen it in email, thanks for letting me know :+1::clinking_glasses:

Have been notified by the brave support team that:

“We have reviewed your case and expect to have your issue fully resolved before next month’s payout.”

We’ll see if they are true to their word or not. If not i’ll likely be making another post updating folks on the outcome or lack thereof before making the switch over to Vivaldi permanent.

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Why do they flag for VPN? Many people use them for privacy and wifi security etc.


brave has said repeatedly that vpn use alone will not get you flagged.

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Wow, yeah, so I just realized I am flagged too. I’m just confused; what does it mean I have multiple accounts? I have only ever used one email in conjunction with anything BAT related, which is the email linked to my Uphold account, which I have used as my custodial account since the beginning (3+ years).

Ironically, I am not just a Brave Rewards user but a verified Brave Creator. I have 2FA enabled on all my logins, including Uphold and my Creators, Rewards, and Community logins. I started using Uphold in 2018, and my email address has not changed since I helped them beta test their new debit card and Uphold Card app at the end of 2019.

I already went into my Uphold in a browser and deleted every single 3rd party integration, including Brave Browser, Brave Creator, Brave Rewards, Brave Publishing, and everything. After not a single integration remained, I tried to relink my account, and it said no, so I’m like, what’s going on?

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I was supporting your project from the very beginning, advertised it to my friends family and everyone around, was supporting the BAT token and you flagged me not saying a thing?

And of course I still see ads only you b###ards are not sharing.

Screw you and good bye.