Brave Rewards fine on PC not on Pixel 4XL

My phone started telling me I was disconnected. No WiFi issues. Ended up removing uphold and reinstalling Uphold. Then get message that I am unverified. Click Verify and phone logs in to Uphold. Return to Brave Rewards, reboot or not reboot and still says unverified. Removed Uphold again, tested on PC, reinstalled Uphold on phone no change. Any ideas?

yes some ideas.

  1. Remove (or disable) Uphold from the phone and try to connect(verified) with a Browser.
  2. If above doesn’t work, unlink and link again the phone’s Brave browser (from the sync chain)
  3. Last resort, go to your Uphold account and remove Brave Browser from integrations (be aware this will get you unverified in all Brave Browsers you have, you will need to verify again one by one)

If you have a problem with device limit (Error: Device Limit reached), then follow these steps

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I have only two devices that connect to my Brave wallet. I have said that I have removed Uphold several times from my phone. My phone when prompted to log into Uphold during the verification process does so perfectly. I see no way to unlink my phone in any options I have. I continue to connect and to collect rewards on the same account when using my PC.

When you removed Uphold from your Phone, have you tried to verify? It should open the verification process in the default browser.

Please follow these instructions exactly:

  1. Uninstall the Uphold app from your phone
  2. Open Brave and visit
  3. Login to your Uphold account
  4. Open the Shields panel after logging in (lion icon in the address bar) and change the cookies setting to All cookies allowed
  5. Now tap the BAT icon and then Verify wallet
  6. Reauthorize your account using the browser

Finally found a solution. I deauthorized all devices. Removed Uphold from my phone. Restarted, reinstalled Uphold and verified. Seems stable for now. Thank you for all of the helpful advice.

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