Brave Rewards Error

I can’t view BAT currency because it displays an error message: " Uh oh! The Brave Rewards server is not responding. We will fix this as soon as possible." waited a couple of days and it still displays that error message, my friend has the service working and even received an ad at that time, can someone help me with that? it’s obvious it’s not a server error since it’s working for my friend.

Hi @tomkark - thanks for reporting. What OS and version are you on?

im on windows 10 but i switched to Brave Beta and the rewards work there, but i lose 0.1bat every few days, currently i get 0.1bat for 1 ad, but i have viewed 20 and only have 1bat in total, there have also been times where i have opened a new tab, had 0.x bat, closed it, opened again, and it went 0.x-1,

Can you send a screenshot of your ads activity? That’s some pretty strange behavior.


Each had given me 0.1BAT but some have disappeared.

Can you send a screenshot of your Ads viewed transaction history as well? The BAT itself is disappearing? Can you confirm that you’re on the latest build?

Thanks in advance!

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