Brave rewards: ERROR region not supported

Hi, i am from Slovenia and in transparency data my country is listed as one of the supported one. But i still get error: Region not supported.
Please tell me what to do, or is transparency list a lie.

@zeronulla13 It is indeed confusing but shows regions where Brave Ads are currently available and you get Brave Rewards (BAT) for viewing them.

You have to verify your Brave Rewards to use BAT (withdraw, transact etc). And to verify your Brave Rewards with a custodial partner there is a separate, more restricted, list of countries, here-

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So again a coin hoax. I can get gemini to verify me, even though my country is not on the more restricted list, but than i can not get into brave rewards. It looks like brave is not so good at all. I loved it till now. Like i sad, it is just another coin scam.
Thx for nothing.

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When I said “restricted”, I meant smaller list of countries that can be verified. Your country must be on that list for you to verify your Brave Rewards.

That said, Brave is working to include support for more countries but there is no timeline.

I know what you meant by restricted. It would be fair to the user that you check if he is on one of the lists before you share your data. Like all big ones you are just after the data.
Thx for getting my coins

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