Brave rewards earning automatically taken by Brave Software International without any authorisation

I received 2 emails today from my uphold account saying there was a transcation to Brave Software International. One took 1 Bat and the other took the remaining 0.75 Bat, taking away all the Bats that I had.

Even though I had auto-contribute ON (now switched off), however, I cannot find anywhere on Brave Rewards stating that there was a transcation. If Brave Software International want to earn some money, as software needs money to create, can you please indicate? This is too fishy

Since it was connected to Uphold it won’t show up in rewards panel.
It’ll show up in Uphold. That’s because deposits in Uphold are direct and bypass Brave rewards wallet unlike Gemini (atleast for now). So even earned BATs earned in Uphold won’t shoe up in Reward panel.

One way to check is to go into brave://rewards-internals > Contributions. It should have a breakdown of your Auto-Contribute.

If you don’t find it there, then it was on another device or browser profile of yours that’s connected to the same Uphold/Gemini account.

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thanks for all the help! i think it was a misunderstanding on my part since the transaction in uphold contains no further info beyond giving to brave. there is no way to verify the transaction which is the problem i guess

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