Brave rewards don't get to uphold account

My bats don’t get to my uphold account and I don’t know why, it’s been 8/9 months.
Idk if this is the best place to submit the problem but yes :pensive::+1:

Please create a Support Ticket so someone from Brave can review your case and try to assist. In order to create a Support Ticket, you’ll need to compelte the form at


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well, i would do that if it didnt ask for my wallet payment Id, wich i dont have because i always used the brave creators…

If it’s your Creator account, then you just put your email associated with it. Just to clarify then, you’re saying that you’ve not been receiving your Creator payouts?

For Wallet Payment ID: Your email associated
Issue = Other

Then in Description advise them about how you’re a Creator and haven’t received pay.

Or if you don’t like that, then just choose one of the other categories of ticket and provide info as needed.

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