Brave Rewards Does Not Wipe Reddit Account Info

Edit: This has been checked by the Devs here and was not an issue on their end - it looks like this is a problem for Reddit and perhaps some of the other apps I’m running. Thank you for the prompt resolution!

Be very careful connecting Brave rewards to your Reddit Account. I connected mine and when I logged back into Reddit, Reddit showed that I had a brand new account, no Karma, no posts or submissions, and wasn’t a mod of my own subreddit anymore. These results came back in Reddit’s desktop app, in RES, and in RIF Is Fun for Reddit (3rd party app). So please, be very very careful before adding Brave reward stuff to your accounts all willy-nilly.

You’re saying that you linked your Creator account to your reddit account and it deleted all your reddit information, right? This shouldn’t be possible. We’re not altering or changing any Reddit data.

Can you please send me a DM with the email you use to login to your creator account so I can take a look?

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