Brave Rewards do not work in my locality?

Hi there, I’m new to using brave, but it says I can’t earn rewards even though I am part of the UK, and my uphold account verified perfectly fine using my local driving license, and also set up in the correct local currency. Wondering if there is a way to change my location to just plain England somewhere that I am missing so I can use the rewards?

Hi @AlJSYdo - thanks for writing in. Can you send a screenshot of that messaging? Are you running a VPN by chance?

Thanks in advance! We’ll figure out what’s causing this.

Hi there @steeven, I’m not using a VPN or proxy of any kind. Image is here:BAT not working

It real bad for me as Ads is not available in Ghana also. Kindly do something about it @steeven

Thanks for that @AlJSYdo - can you DM me your Rewards Internals info?

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What info do u really need pls because I don’t understand the internal info you are talking about

Ah, sorry it can be found brave://rewards-internals/. Please also include my colleague @Aa-ron in the DM. Thanks!

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