Brave Rewards displays someone else's associated Twitter account instead of mine

Hello. I wanted to report an issue I have with Brave Rewards. Recently I verified my Uphold account and created a Brave Creators Account and associated my Twitter account @sodadreamer1999. Everything worked out fine and it was associated as it should have. However, when I went to see if it worked, I clicked the little Brave Rewards icon and it displayed someone else’s Twitter account: a person by the Twitter address @gaybonez. What’s also peculiar is that his account is not associated with any Brave Creators account or Uphold account or anything, honestly. I’m not quite sure what could’ve done this or if this is just an error I see. I hope someone can help me out. Thank you.

Hello, thank you for informing, you could Attach screenshots for a Moderator to see your Topic, they will ask you for the address to which you have affiliated your Twitter in Brave Creators to verify and replace if you have another associated account, Attach more information so your case will be solved, good morning.

Sure, here is a screenshot I took. (I hope it works and I hope it helps out.)

@Mattches Could you solve this?

is there any way to solve this? it’s been days and that problem is still an issue to me. i deleted my cookies and did a few cleaning stuff to Brave and it still appears. However, there’s something curious: I installed the Beta version of Brave and it actually displays my real Twitter. this must be a problem with the stable version, I guess.

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