Brave Rewards disappearing

Hi community

Well my complaint here is, my rewards are always disappearing on the reward page which i do not understand how. Then the get to appear again once i am rewarded with a complete new balance. Now based on my past monthly rewards have received more which does not happen to appear on my overall balance. Kindly i need this issues to be fixed.

Hi, @fitfil24, the payout process for Creators is still pending, and changes in values you see may not be reliable until it finishes. Please read and follow Support’s post for any updates.

@fitfil24 hi, seeing the screenshot you shared it seems you have the auto-contribution enabled.
That’s why every month you are “losing” bat

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@JohnDproof hi, well i was not aware of such u just made me see that and thank u very much.


And I overlooked it, I’m sorry @fitfil24.

apologies accepted @saereV

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