Brave Rewards disappeared upon Uphold Linking


I have re-connected my Uphold account. I had 1.5 Bat in my reward account prior to uphold linking. Once I re-connect uphold account, I am not seeing those 1.5 bat and those were not deposited into my uphold account.

So can you pls inform what happened to those accumulated bat balance upon Uphold linking.

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Feb and March rewards showing in statement.

any help ? for any error they take away accumulated balance in the name of technical issue… more like making users a fool

Nobody is trying to make anybody look like a fool however if you come on here and comment without doing any research that is foolish. There is a problem at the moment that is being worked on and people will get their BAT when the issue is fixed. Patience is what is needed now.

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit and you don’t do it well. You are impatient for something that is free. There are other browsers that give you nothing so my suggestion is to wait…give the Brave team a chance to fix the problem and have patience. I am also in the same boat as everyone else and my BAT also disappeared but I am not complaining…it will be fixed.

First of all, Nothing is FREE and this is not charity either. Having said that, I am not impatient, go back and read my previous threads, I have lost some bat in past as well., I haven’t heard back yet.

I had to use “FOOL” to bring out answer from people like you who chose to avoid answering for full day. It shows CLASS.

If team needs time, I am all in, I don’t mind…

But next time remember this is not Charity by either of us(not you nor I). Brave added this feature of token with intent to capture market share. you may not be aware but that’s not my fault…

Anyway I rest my case!

My issue was with disappearance of balance after connecting with uphold, not credit in uphold account.

I can assure you I am nobody’s fool and I answered when I was back on the PC which is not all of the time but apparently you are, I have a life off of here and did you consider that I might be in a different time zone. As for you not hearing back from Brave people, I have never had that issue because I am not rude when I have to contact them. Maybe you should learn to be not rude as well and you might get a better reaction. I also rest my case and have had my say.

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