Brave rewards did not arrive in August

Earlier this year I was not receiving Brave rewards to my unverified browser wallet.
After several months that was fix and worked in July.

It has now failed again in August. Again no claim button has appeared.
And as a result no rewards could be claimed.

Hi. You should submit a request for support staff to investigate using the form linked below.

It had happened to me too, if you leave the browser connected to the internet the bat will arrive next month.

I have a message from my browser:
“Congratulations, Your August Brave rewards have arrived”
Sadly that is NOT the case.
No Brave Rewards have arrived.
No Claim Button has even appeared.
Failed last month, failed again this month.

It happened for 3 months earlier in the year and is now happening again

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same issue with me too in july i did’t recieved rewards now in august just empty message “Congrats! Your August rewards have arrived!” but no rewards Token balance is 0000

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