Brave Rewards Creators - Unable to Login Link Expired

I’m unable to login to the Brave Rewards publisher dashboard.

When trying to login I get a message that the link has expired, request a new link but a new link produces the same error.


Are you sure you click the link from the latest email @riskyfire?

Yes, I don’t have my emails grouped so I’m using the last received email.

I’ve just tried it again but I’m still getting the same message, I’ve tried with another browser too.

cc @asad @steeven for assistance here

Hi @riskyfire - can you try having another link sent?

@steeven I’ve tried it again as its been a few hours since last trying and I also tried it on another PC but its the same issue.

Login -> click link -> invalid -> request new link ->click new link -> invalid

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Any more thoughts or suggestions on this as I’m still unable to login.

I’ve since tried it on another machine, different browser. Also tried on my phone via a mobile connection and I’m seeing the same issue.

It appears something is wrong with my account.

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same problem here. Tried already 10 times. cc @asad @steeven

Taking a look @riskyfire

I tried with a different e-mail address and it worked (for me).

@riskyfire Check out my post detailing my same encounter and my solution at this post Brave Creator Account Login Issues & Solution

In summary try copying the URL that is included in the login email and paste that into your browser instead of clicking on the button. This works for me but only if I use a brand new login email that I have not already tried using the button from.


@JamSand5 It worked, thankyou.

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But now I can’t logon anymore. I don’t receive the login e-mail. Tried already 10 times yesterday and today…

I receive emails now but again “Login expired”. Tried to copy and paste manually. Same problem. Nothing works. Thinking to give it up.

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