Brave rewards Claim

Hello @Rene92, thank you for reaching us out. Are you getting any error message? Could you please share a screenshot so we an better assist you with this issue.

Thanks in advance.

It’s loading but it’s. Don’t claiming :frowning:


Just to confirm does your device pass Safetynet? You can test here:

Thank you

Huawei P40 don’t have googel services… But I want my rewards… When I sync it with my PC can I get my rewards claimed on PC?

Pleas admin’s help me I like the browser and use then but want to claim my rewards

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You haven’t mentioned whether you have claimed rewards before or not!

No I don’t claimed any rewards


you should read it

I don’t remember whether it has been fixed or not.

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I sync my mobile brave with my windows. Brave can I claim my rewards on windows? What I get with my mobile phone


my problame is same to Rene92 too, i can’t to claim my rewards, so. mybe sameone can help me. thanks

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Admin’s? Mods?

Can u pls help us now…

here it says my rewards haven’t arrived yet. Even though the website says that the uphold rewards are all complete, I didn’t receive anything.

Force close the app and clear tge cache works everytime. Hope this helps if so drop me some


Does anyone know how to submit a ticket? I am not sure why it’s so difficult to find out how.

You can submit here:

Your phone will need to pass Android SafetyNet in order to claim your earnings.

My. Phone doesn’t have android… It’s a Huawei P40 Pro… We need a other way to fix this error, I use brave I. Earn bat so I need a way to get the rewards

So the support don’t can help me… Without googel I don’t can claim rewards this is not okay brave support team…

Do the support help me? Or want the support only earn money? I want claim my rewards!! I use the browser all time for rewards!! So fix the error and give me my rewards!!

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