Brave Rewards Claim option not available in Android application

Claim option was not available on brave browser on both android and windows

  • I also only got brave payments from only one device and also I don’t knw from what device.

  • In my family everyone’s brave rewards is connected to my uphold account. I got payout from only one device.

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How many browser wallets connected to your Uphold account?

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@priyesh_kumar - please DM the Wallet ID linked to your device.

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Now only two are connected.

Can you please tell me how to find my wallet ID?

That mean you’ve connected more than 2 wallets before?

Go to brave://rewards-internals to get your wallet ID.

Yes, I connected my uphold account to 6 devices, all my family members’ computers and smartphones.
Wallet ID: 41db5b5e-70b2-4455-b65d-82a207df3330

Can anyone help me with my problem? I didn’t get the claim option, now my last month earnings in bat are lost. What should I do now?

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