Brave rewards choices

my Android 2014 tablet has a broken screen, I have 9.5 BATs, the Android version is old & can’t update to the newest version of brave. can’t pick the exchange were I have my brave rewards (Gemini)
the browser’s choice only Uphold
what can I do 2 move the 9.5 BATs 2 my Gemini wallet?
can I upgrade my brave browser versions ta a newer one?

Well, I am not sure. Maybe make an Uphold account if you desperately want 9.5 BATs. Updating Brave on unsupported versions of Android will be tough I suppose.

if you don’t know what makes you so desperate to answer?

Hey man. I am not in any way supposed to help around here. I just do it since most users don’t know a lot of stuff and I like helping around. Maybe try being less of a jer k.
Anyway, i will tag someone from support to help here. They might have something better.
@Evan123 could you help?

I agree, you need to stop being a jer_k
ppl are asking questions because they like to find an answer, so far all you have done is making me read your desperate answer
if you don’t know you can’t help

You are the one who’s a jerk. Anyway, maybe if you think you’re not, try searching for stuff like how to update on outdated androids. I checked a few topics and it seems you can’t Update if your android is too old. Unfortunately.
As a suggestion, I would like to suggest that if you’re from a region listed at

You can try creating an Uphold account and then try Verifying with Uphold on this device. That should work I suppose. If it does well and good.

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