Brave Rewards can't go to Gemini cause of Bankruptcy

Where are my Brave rewards (BAT) going since Gemini is in Bankruptcy? It’s been a while and I’d like to know where the rewards are going. Why can’t I change the wallet it goes to? Is there a way to send it to the Brave wallet or some other that I have access to?

Nope. No direct payout to self custody wallets. You can always send from Gemini / Uphold.

They are coming to Gemini. I received them just fine. What’s your issue. Please elaborate.
You didn’t receive any amount at all?
You received a partial payout?

More details at

This is incorrect. Gemini is NOT in bankruptcy. It is Genesis that is going through bankruptcy. The only thing impacted on Gemini is Earn, which was done through Genesis.

Assuming you’re connected to Gemini and not been flagged by Brave, it’s going to Gemini. If you’re saying you are missing payments, then you need to create a Rewards Support Ticket at so someone from Brave can look into it.

You can, though you’ll be limited to Uphold or Gemini. You just would need to reset your Rewards and then connect to it.

Sure, but only once it’s been received to one of your accounts at Gemini or Uphold.

I suppose you may want to look at the info below, as it may be what you’re alluding to or may end up asking next:

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