Brave rewards can't be collected

hello sir i have using brave browser for past year. but this month I can’t able to collect my rewards ( im using the latest brave browser, android 11 ) i have attached the video for the problem. hope any one reach and help to solve the problem. thank you

Try restarting your device it may fix it…

tryed restsrting, cleared catch all

If you go into the rewards page instead of the just claim on the bat icon on your page you should be able to claim there. I explain it better on my Twitter here:

@kalexwonder great suggestion. @hari2, can you please try this and let us know the results?

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Hi guys i have a similar problem…on my tablet Samsung Tab S7, I receive the AD popups but nothing happen if i click on it and the Ad doens’t go in my notification bar but disappear so i’m not able to collect any rewards…i tried to reinstall the browser, upgrade it etc but the problem is still there…any idea?

it have not worked. but today i received an update. and after it i tryed collecting it just worked

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