Brave Rewards Cannot be verified due limit capacity


I received a new computer and already disconnected Brave wallet from my Uphold account in the old computer, now I’m setting up the new computer and having difficult to link my wallet to my Uphold.

Reinstalling your Brave browser can increase the count limit. For now, you can only link 4 devices to Uphold. (they’ll disable device limit soon)

Refer here to unlink your wallet:

Next, after you go through the steps, you can fill the request form here:

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Thanks for the workaround, but how can we provide the correct wallet to be unlinked?
For example, I have a Macbook, replaced last year, my Windows home computer and my work laptop, which is the one being replaced.

Here is the solution. There are screen shots in the bottom part of the post. Pay attention to #3. Youll need the wallet addresses from the devices that are currently connected to input. Brave will remove 1 wallet per request that you do not list. You can get your wallet address from each currently connected device.

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Thanks, @Herrvader and @irfanaffandys!

Form Submitted.


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