Brave rewards, Brave Ads and BAT Token

Hey there,
first: i love brave, installed since the beginning of 2019, get some BAT tokens for viewing ads, a well working adblock, good privacy, ok …some tracking links, however, all fine. Since few months, we have a singinficant changing and the BAT Token rate reflect this problems (the market is up , BAT token not):

  • brave cutting rewards by near 90% (for me the “master-alert”, because the token price rises with the growing new users in the past)
  • ads not working for half of the month
  • always the same ads if you see some
  • annoing bugs like the captcha bug
  • no (good) news like new relationship to any big player or something else

my question is: is there anything brave can- or will do to get more attention to increase the number of users and increase the value of all the BAT tokens?

best regards and have a good christmas

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