Brave Rewards blocked by Shields

I notice many issues with the Brave Rewards in the past few months, but i also notice that appears that the inbuild shields of Brave appears to have effects in the ads that we received.

In August i have used Brave with the default shields protections “off”. During this time, i was receiving Brave Rewards ads notifications as normal.
In september, i activated the shields again to the default ones. Since that time, i stopped receiving any Brave Ads!

For testing i just deactivate the Brave Shields again, after one month without ONE SINGLE brave reward ad. Almost instantly i received the notification for new ads - and they keep coming since then.

This is just a simple test, and i don’t know if it will help, but from what i can see Brave Rewards appears to be affected by how the default shields in the browser are configured. I know that Brave Rewards shouldn’t be impacted by the shields, but for some reason this appears to be the case.

Can anyone else confirm this?

Hi @djprmf welcome to Community :smiley:

Can you confirm if you are referring to sponsored images/push notifications from Brave or you referring to ads you would see on a webpage?

Hi :slight_smile:

This is related with Brave Rewards ads - the sponsored images/push notifications.

Hi @djprmf, with Shields up, does this test work for you?


Yes, works fine.
Also, notifications from different websites also work fine in both tests (Shields on or off).