Brave rewards BAT haven't arrived on Uphold in 4 months and don't get desktop notifications for Windows

Hello, I am no longer receiving funds from Brave Browser from 4 months and I don’t get desktop notifications for Windows

  1. This is my last transaction, 4 months ago, I have not received BAT funds from Brave for 4 months.

  1. in these 4 months I have earned BAT fund that have not arrived, these are the March BAT
    that probably will not arrive


  1. I can’t reauthorize in the Uphold app from Brave bowser mobile app on my smartphone, the error message is “Something went wrong”. Still from 4 months.

I have opened a ticket to Uphold support explaining everything in detail, but they believe that the problem is from Brave and have redirected me to this community. I sent them these same screenshots.

Thank you very much for your support, I hope for a resolution soon.

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