Brave Rewards BAT are fake, doesn't work

Brave Rewards BATs are a fake, complete waste of time. No reply to my previous BAT Error report.

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Did you get back to steven with the details?

Not yet.
I have submitted all the details, as asked.


Hello Steeven

Good afternoon.

Sending you details as requested.

If I remember my previous records, I have crossed 1 BAT last week (this number is keep on changing, 0.750 now 0.590, see below).

Important points:

  1. Brave keep showing me same ads again and again ( 1inch wallet ad per se), most ads landing pages look a bit frivolous, a quality of ad content, context & design required

  2. Brave experience not consistent, also please check Brave iOS, all Brave browser windows shows no preview (screen shot attached)

  3. Brave browser sometimes forms doesn’t work (same link on Safari it works)

Will keep in touch.

Thank you so much for your time, appreciate it.


Hi @Ozarde, please DM me your wallet id. Thank you.

Hello Steven, hope all is well, where is my wallet ID? wallet is only possible once I have total 15 BATs right? Regards

Message on Brave.
You need a verified wallet to login

You need a minimum of 15 BAT to create an Uphold wallet. Please try again after you have verified your wallet with Uphold.

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