Brave rewards arriving only half?

Most of the time it happens only around half of the earned BAT is transferred to the account.
Why is this happens ?

And on my android Brave version more than half left out.

Is there any solution to this ?
Thank u adv.

Someone else recently asked, my response is

That said, do please also review the FAQ at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

I suggest the FAQ because it discusses the same issue and has a lot of other information which you might find helpful.

@steeven & @Mattches atleast this guy is seeing the banner that xxxxx amunt BAT will be credited in 7 days. I am not seeing that at all. My 5 Bats are missing

With every month and roll over my remaining BAT amount grows higher and higher.

I don’t have the same issue as others here who only get around ~0.02 BAT transferred, but i lost hope they will transfer those BATs fully next month (not alli will earn, but the remaining batch from May).

The anwser in the FAQ is worthless cause it’s about some minor BAT difference due to end of the month ads. I have around 5 BAT over and there is no way in hell i would have gotten that in 2-3 days before the month ends. Crappy (cause you can’t even use the correct word here…) customer service and unclear reasons why this happens :neutral_face:


Same for me. Last month it was mentioned that they are trying to fix the issue and will get the full month’s bat. But same issue again. No idea if they plan to fix it or not. Only < 50% of my earnings got converted.


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same here on 5 devices and on one I get only 0.11 out of 3.55

I am in the same boat. Every month the same issue reoccurs

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so here it is and I`m getting a 0.17 bat is this a joke

I reported this issue in March and April. As you say it continues. I was supposed to provide @Mattches with some wallet info but haven’t gotten round to that yet due to family bereavement - some things are just more important than BAT. Hopefully they will look into it for you guys.

Just wanted to state that we have recognized this as an issue and believe we have identified the cause. We are working to resolve it presently.


Please Resolve this issue I’m reporting this issue from last 3 months but no solution yet


"As many have seen, this month many users are receiving a notification that shows a very low percentage of their earnings as being paid. For example, 0.04 arriving but they had 12 BAT, which is instead rolling forward to the next month. This is an issue that has been recognized and being worked on by staff. Official comment on it can be seen at:

That said, keep in mind that partial payments also are normal. This can happen due to ads not being processed/reconciled in time. When this happens, we do see our balance move forward to the following month where we should receive it as payment. However, if payments ever seem too small or you have a big concern over things, it’s advised you submit a Support Ticket at Brave rewards arriving only half? - #10 by Mattches "

Hmm…is Brave still using a manual process to reconcile ads and BAT balance earned? Shouldn’t computer software [even if it is just a sql or non-sql database and not a blockchain backed system] reconcile balances almost in real time? Additional clarifications from Brave would be helpful.

It’s hard to get answers sometimes. For example, I reached out to one of the “higher ups” with the following:

Their answer:

So I mean, they answered, but they really didn’t answer. :man_facepalming:

I’ve hit them up for another response, and we’ll see when/if it happens.

I have a lot of pending things with various developers, executives, and staff members. Sometimes they answer and give full details while other times they just evade.

Not putting name as I don’t want people reaching out or spreading issues.

I’ll have to ask them on some of there here and see if I can get answers on that. When I did recently ask about payments and what’s going on, I was informed of the following:

That’s the problem with Uphold right now, since we pay with direct deposits. Gemini now also gets vBAT payouts, which gives the browser accounting numbers

We are in process of transitioning over to vBAT payouts for Uphold too

you know in order for a scam to work very well, Brave has to come up more excuses while the owner loaded up with all our BAT rewards. Then later on- after 30days release to the public.

I am having same issue. Even previously i have faced this issue.

Hey I’ve been receiving less pay out since last month and same thing for this month too.
Just 0.211 BAT and the earnings are 7.9 BAT
I think these rewards are scam and waste of time.

Happy to report for the first time in many months, across Brave, Beta and Nightly on all devices (except android - haven’t checked) full estimated earnings have transferred over for payment on/around the 7th… yayyy, thank you for fixing it Brave! :sunflower:

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Update @tmancey. On android no change. Over the last few months estimated earnings keep carrying over and I keep getting rewarded with a tiny fraction of what I earned, usually 0.25 BAT or less - over and over again. Been back and forth with @Mattches and @steeven over this separately, so its well documented here and on DMs between us already. Estimated earnings on Brave stable version (kept updated) now 6.350, and yet again, only 0.148 is on its way whoopee! :partying_face: On Nightly (also kept updated) estimated earnings are at 6.412 and I’ve no idea what’s on the way - says nothing, last few months its been 0.25 BAT or less too, same problem as stable version.

On Nightly I haven’t had any ads across all devices for a while now, except one ad following update. Submitting ticket and logs separately on that one. They’re working fine on stable and beta… so far.

Please seethe following thread for more information: