Brave Rewards aren't working

I withdrew crypto currency a month of two ago, was great. Since then I get no BAT at all, 0.
I still have all of my adverts set to 5… feels like Brave has stopped me getting them, cause now they know I will cash out. Why has Brave stopped giving me adverts and BAT?

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My brave rewards wallet isn’t visible I have the most current vet I’m in an iOS device iPhone 11 Pro Max 14.3ios

I went through all the settings and I found the wallet seed but no actual wallet

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It’s real suspicious to me. As soon as I cash out, they stop giving me ads. I tried redownloading the browser and everything, focus assist is off too.

@Dakcat86er This is why you are not seeing any Rewards:

@ArchonBeast You are not giving enough information for anybody to help you. The type of device and operating system would be a start.

Jee okay. PC, windows 10. Everything was working fine, until I cashed out about $50, then everything stopped. Still haven’t received any BAT coins, or ads, even though all of my settings are exactly the same. Cleared every cache I could, reinstalled the browser, re-linked my Uphold, still nothing.

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