Brave rewards are not working and I don't know what to do

I tried to contact support but no one answered yet, Sorry for another post like this but I can’t solve the problem, how to make a complete backup of app and my rewards? I can try to reinstall but I can’t lose my bats, i try to close brave, restar phone… Nothing works

i have 3 rewards to claim, but i receive a error message when i try to claim, when i try to reconect my wallet a message appears saying “you need 25 bats to connect you wallet” but i have 14k i use brave for many years, my wallet on my 2 pcs 1 windows 10 and 1 linux mint are working normally

Pocophone f1 android 10 (brave 1.22.71)

My brave are not conecting my wallet

My wallet was verified in 2020 for the last time

Yes but i’m not remember well, i use brave for years

I use a vpn rarely (hola vpn)

Yes i’m from brazil

No, but after i unistalled exposed safety have passed

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  1. Hola VPN tracks you and sells all your data
  2. It says 14.500 but you need 25.000, it’s like that.
  3. This is a really weird error.

I didn’t know that hola vpn did that, do you have any vpn to recommend me? in fact i’m almost sure my brave rewards is not recognizing my bats, it’s like the number shown there is 0, i’m asking for help for 1 week and so far i haven’t been able to help, i could try to make a backup of the browser and re- install but I’m afraid of losing my bat’s and my navigation data

Your android device is using custom rom and or is rooted, rewards don’t work with these conditions, but considering Brave allowed you opt in, you should be compensated imo

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I didn’t know that, I always used brave normally on my pocophone, it has root, I did it especially to use a version of the miui without blotware and with superior performance, So I won’t be able to use rewards on my device anymore? how do i save my bats? It would be horrible if I lost all my bats

NordVPN doesn’t collect and sell your data, and they have frequent promotions. Just last week, they were selling a year of their VPN for 68% off.

So far as I know, it’s voted number one by just about everyone.

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