Brave rewards are not registering

Hi. Can you tell me how I can see my brave rewards when using my android phone? I know where I need to find them. The problem I have is that the information doesn’t load and just keeps buffering round without loading my total BAT rewards. Also, when I click on connect, nothing happens. I’ve connected my Gemini wallet as I did this when I initially started, and I’ve also created a brave wallet but it’s still doing the same thing. Do you have any advice that could help? The only thing I noticed that brought them up was shutting down my phone and re opening, but then as soon as I leave brave to look at something else and then go back in to check my rewards, the same thing happens. Thanks

Using my android phone

Using Gemini

Im from UK so should be in a supported region.

Could you restart Brave and the device? If you had Gemini connected earlier then should still be connected.

Brave rewards and Brave wallet are completely different

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