Brave Rewards Appeal — Accepted

It’s been almost more than a year my funds have been locked and suspended, before that my account was also in the list of suspended accounts, but I tried to make a complaint ticket about this problem and finally this problem was resolved in a few months, my case was solved by @Asad , I can access my account came back even though there were some funds on hold, some people know about this thread

but I did not give up on it but continued to promote Brave from my social media accounts as well as my YouTube channel, finally I decided to appeal for my suspended funds in last September

I got an email reply today that my appeal was approved and I see my funds returned

I see my funds that I will get a payment in the next cycle around November 8, but I am still a little doubtful and worried about the payment that I will receive later, whether it might be missed again, because I got the last payment last September around 175 BAT and I get another 55 BAT but it has not been paid this October, I just want to ask and make sure my payment is in November, hopefully the Brave team will no longer miss payments for my account in the next payment cycle, thanks for the service from the Brave team who always help :pray: :pray: :pray: