Brave Rewards and iOS/iPadOS, no more?

So, just received another iOS update on my iPhone, and as a good behavior, always test the majority of things I use on a daily basis.
To my surprise, I saw this message on Brave Rewards:

So I read the “learn more” document that popped up on my screen and basically Apple now is not allowing Brave to pay out for the ads we receive, is that?

Then, if you see the screenshot, we should be able to transfer the balance to the desktop version, but on that one, I cannot see the QR code to complete the transfer.

It is really sad news, from mercenary Apple…

Forgot to mention, I’m not seeing any QR code on my desktop version (1.18.70), is that because was not released yet or because my desktop is linked to Uphold?

If that is the case, what should we do?

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Having the same problem

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