Brave Rewards always reset to 5.640 BAT every day or after restarting the PC or Browser

Till last Friday, i had 8.026 BAT as accumulated earnings for April month and after starting the system on Monday, the value on my earning got set as 5.642 BAT. I thought its a refresh issue and tried restarting the PC as well as the browser. The value still points to 5.642BAT. Then again the earning went up to 6.256 BAT with the usage yesterday and today after a PC restart the value again getting set to 5.642. I’ve lost almost 3 BATs here. Please help.

Browser version: 1.34.80 on Windows 10 OS


This is happening for the past 4 days and i’ve lost almost 5BATs. Every day its resetting to 5.640 to be precise.

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