Brave Rewards Ads Flood Gates

Hello my young Brave ones,

I hope this message finds you well, healthy, and most importantly … Happy!

I was wondering if I could let you guys run amok, and serve the full spectrum of your Brave rewards ads, as opposed to ones just in my wheelhouse. I’m disabled, retired, have TONs of time, and am kind of a Sales Ninja. I thought I may be able to offer some unique insights, as I’m not “in the trenches” every day, and sometimes standing away from the picture helps to see it more clearly. It was a thought, if any of ya think its a good one, let loose the Kraken, and we’ll see what I come up with ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Also, I’d been asking around where I could send my observations on the Brave search engine results to help. I know 100% FOR SURE it’s running exponentially better than a year ago when all the results I got went to the way back machine. I know im a BIT older than you guyd, but DANG. :joy::rofl::joy:
The results were just plain awful, and Im that weirdo whose ADHD has already driven bOObTubE’s Algo utterly insane. It just started back over again recently, like I was a brand new user. It concerned me, but I mostly laughed my A$$ off. I search a lot of stuff people, and I wrote a few SEO articles back in the 90s when 56k dial up was an upgrade, so … that’s all Im sayin’ If y’all wantbsome insight into the fine tuning you’ll undoubtedly be doing over the coming months, ill start a new data set and send the results and my thoughts.
If it’ll help that is, and not be a pain in the rump, we all have enough of those. It WILL BE pretty decent quality pro-bono work though. I’m no real techie, but I dig it and I have gigabit speed connections today, so there’s no reason I cant learn as I go as needed.
I really appreciate what you do. Being Cool, kind and empathetic is today’s Rebel, and I’m all about Damnin’ the MAN!!! Especially if its helping to set humanity free once again. That’s what your doing! I do the same, just one random act of kindness at a time. This could help me up my game, ya dig? Holla at the old man if I can help … please.
Thanks for your valuable time!

Much love!!! :v:

“Without ART, the eARTh would just be … eh”


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