Brave reward won't link to uphold wallet after reinstalling it on the same device I'm using it

I can’t connect my uphold account to the same device I’m currently using after having issue about the balance 1.7 bat when in fact there is just 0.78 bat in my account 'cause I didn’t receive almost half of my rewards and then after uninstalling it and reinstalling the brave app to my device I can’t connect it anymore. Fo the highest sake I’m using a same device.


Update today:
I already resolved my problem 'cause I already can connect my phone again thank you.

I have this same issue for some time now after reinstalling my phone and laptop. Can’t get uphold connected to my verified uphold wallet.

For what I read, I should have disconnected my wallet before uninstalling or such and apparently all my 4 slots are “in use” at the moment?

Doesn’t look like Brave is doing much about it. Have read multiple threads about this. Contacted Uphold they say this management lays within Brave & Brave support can help you. But until now haven’t been able to get it workin any more.

Older post, same (unresolved) issue

Oh I might have found it afterall!

I just submitted my request… :crossed_fingers:

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@Rhmvmn @Jassie_D Hi and welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

Jassie_D has the solution! :smiley:

Just follow the instructions in the “How to submit a wallet unlinking request” post to remove one slot. Unfortunately, it can take several weeks, so just try to be patient. If after a couple of weeks, you haven’t received support, you can DM the moderators and ask if they can check the status of your request. They may or may not respond.

There is a self-serve wallet linking slot management tool planned for release in a month or so and they will be removing device limits too! Will be nice for everyone once this is released.

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Up until now I can’t connect my uphold account to my phone because of the limit even after passing a form.

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