Brave reward with different computers but paid once

Hi !
I now use Brave reward on all my devices (macos, windows, ipad, iphone and one more windows development virtual machine). I started in february so this is my first payout period.
Of course, based on the different use of them, the awaiting rewards increased differently but accordingly to the use of each device.
At this time now, only one of them proposed to send the reward to my uphold wallet (and bad luck: it was the lowest fees one)
How is it supposed to function in such case ? Is it just a lag in the reward distribution ?
Must I create a Brave reward wallet on uphold for each browser and disable synching ?

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You can only claim on 3 devices I believe

It only worked on one. But, counters did not reset on the other browsers. Only the date changed and has been added a month. Maybe you can only claim on one browser a month and only have to change each month, the one you claim on…
Who knows ?

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